Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Energy Performance Certificates convey information on the energy efficiency and environmental impact of a dwelling. They also show the potential ratings and make recommendations on how to achieve these ratings. Performance is rated in terms of the energy used per m2 of floor area.

It is a legal requirement to provide a tenant or purchaser of property in England and Wales with an Energy Performance Certificate upon sale or lease of the property. Trading Standards can enforce a £200 fixed penalty for failure to provide them. EPCs are also required by Building Control for the approval of new building developments.

The production of an EPC can take two forms. For an existing building an accredited assessor or registered data collector will visit the property and gather information such as the age of the property, primary and secondary heating system details, area and perimeter of the premises etc. For new-build properties information is taken from drawings and specification provided by the developer. This information is then input into SAP software before an EPC is produced.

To produce Energy Performance Certificates you must be an accredited assessor. To become an accredited assessor you must have a relevant qualification (i.e. BSc Building Surveying) or a sufficient number of years experience. You must then complete a number of test assessments as well as a professional skills assessment. To remain as an accredited assessor one must complete a minimum number of 10 hours Continual Professional Development (CPD) per annum.

Dwellings are rated in a similar way to fridge freezers and other appliances using an energy efficiency graph. This displays seven ratings ranging from A to G (A being the most efficient and G being the least). The average new build house should expect to achieve between a B – C rating and the average existing building is expected to achieve an E rating.

What Can EBA offer

Ellis Belk Associates are accredited Energy Assessors and are therefore able to provide Energy Performance Certificates for new build dwellings. In addition to this we are also accredited SAP assessors therefore we can offer energy assessment guidance and documentation from design stage through to completion of new build developments. This also allows us to provide the relevant documentation required to satisfy Building Regulation requirements.

We are able to offer guidance on how to meet the requirements of Building Control for new build developments, making suggestions on how to reduce a building’s Dwelling Emission Rate to below the Target Emission Rate which will in turn improve the buildings energy performance (represented in the EPC).


At Ellis Belk Associates we have produced Energy Performance Certificates for large developers and housing associations such as Connaught, East Boro Housing Trust, and Western Challenge Housing Association.

We have also worked on bespoke projects such as Cedar House a single development which incorporated solar panels, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, a high efficiency oil boiler and structural insulated panel construction.