Green Roofs

Green roofs are vegetated roof surfaces commonly utilised to improve the environmental performance of a building and enhance the aesthetic appearance. There has been a recent surge in popularity owing to associated benefits including a reduction in rainwater run – off and enhancements in ecological value.

Green roof compositions can take one of two forms. An extensive green roof is a sedum based roof suitable where low maintenance is necessary, and an intensive green roof is essentially a roof garden and therefore obviously requires a degree of maintenance.

We have worked on a number of developments incorporating green roofing systems in both a project management and architectural capacity.

Projects include refurbishment of a basement car park roof to incorporate an intensive green roof system. Ellis Belk Associates were the Project Manager/Contract Administrator working in collaboration with structural engineers, Hyder Consulting and roofing company Warner Contracting Ltd

The scheme involved extensive concrete repairs to the underground car park roof structure followed by stripping and re-roofing with a new green roof. The actual scheme is split into two phases, this being Phase 1 which took about 15 weeks: